Q & A with Zen Master Mr. Felix

As I was walking through the garden today I found a zen master sitting in contemplation. He appeared illuminated and happy in the cosmic zone that one can only achieve when you turn off your mind, relax and float down stream. At one point I thought perhaps he was levitating! His meditation was cut short when I stumbled over a cat statue and spilled my latte everywhere. He raised his eyebrow and asked me how I was doing.

“Doing great!” I replied with glee, even tho I spilled the coffee all over my shirt.

I had to ask Mr. Felix how he achieved the master zone of meditation greatness.

“Look around the garden, you will see I surround myself with beautiful garden statues, garden fountains, beautiful plants and I do yoga here every morning. These are the secrets I learned from ascended masters, and I am passing them on to you.” Mr. Felix then leapt to his feet and ran off.

I did look around his garden and I saw his animal statues, his religious statues and it all made sense to me. The great Temple Buddha statue that I looked at seemed to call to me. The wisdom of this ancient illuminated one filled my soul and thought to myself, wow, I wish I had one of these.


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