From the Mouth of Birds

Hello! I am a bird. One of the things I love as a bird is bird feeders. Yum. I travel miles to visit a good one. I flap my wings so much that if I can find a good source of calories for energy I hang out with it. I even tell my friends and family and we hang out at the bird feeder spots. Although I love eating worms because they are such an excellent form of protein, I really enjoy carboloading. Eating various grains help my wings stay active, the more active my wings are the hungrier I get and the more birdfeeders I visit.

One of my favorite bird feeders is the Cherub Birdfeeder by Campagnia. There is a woman in Metairie that has one, and whenever I am hanging out over there with my bird pals it is a good time. She enjoys the beautiful colors of our feathers and how we frolic around it. The Cherub Birdfeeder itself is nice because it is a beautiful design, it features an angel gazing down on me as I eat away which makes me feel safe.

I love the Dragonfly Bird Bath a lot just because I love to eat dragonflies. Whenever I see one of them I go down, splash around a bit and get ready for dinner. Nothing like taking a nice shower before dinner time. My wife likes it when I get clean before we go out so it is always perfect. Looking at these stylized dragonflies make me hungry, we go out, usually for dragonflies, and everyone is happy. (To all the birds out there, there is a great dragonfly spot over by the Jean Lafitte National Park. Their dragonfly gumbo is out of this world!)

My dear friend Hummy the Hummingbird loves the Eighty Days Dew Drop Hummingbird Feeder, made with recycled glass. This beauty evokes the classic days when people would fly around in hot air balloons all the time, when man was as free as birds. The hummingbirds feed from the Gondola and they looks and stylish as they do it. The glass is beautiful too, so home owners get to enjoy the elegant beauty of the glass as well exciting friendship of the hummingbirds. It also holds up to 50 oz. of nectar. It takes a while for birds to go through all of it, but they rememer where it is and return to it often.

A great thing about being a bird is that bird watchers watch me but you never have to worry about being caught by someone like the local dog catcher. One of my favorite statues is the Fluffy Dog Garden Statue because it commemorates one of my dear friends, Fluffy the Dog. Fluffy was taken away and sent to the dog pound. He is very missed among the animal community. One of our only real worries is the bird flu, so every year I go get my flu shot at the local Walbirds Pharmacy.


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  1. Posted by Johnson Stewart on November 10, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    I am saddened & confused at the news that Fluffy has been impounded. I’ve known Fluffy for most of his 17 years, & I fear that at his advanced age he will perish by this sudden halt to his carefree lifestyle among the backyards of Old Metairie. If there is anything I can do to help bring Fluffy back before it’s too late, please let me know.

    ps–if you really are a bird, please pass this message along to one of the human beings in the neighborhood. We all love birds. And Fluffy!


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