Frog Blog!

My name is Frog Rogers Nelson, and I am a guest blogger, visiting you from the swamps of Frogsville. I thought I would write about myself and some of my friends. Thanks for visiting!

First of all, this is me. I’m the guy you gotta talk to when you need to reroute your modem or you need me to hack into your various computer systems. I’m a big fan Grasshopper the band and Grasshopper for dinner. Yum Yum! My mother said I was the handsomest tadpole in school so she made a statue of me that my friends at The Garden Gates sell. Check i out here: Frog Blog Garden Statue.

Second of all, this is my buddy Max. At least that’s what we call him. He’s too busy chilling listening to his tunes to tell us what his name is for real. He seems to enjoy really kicking back and enjoying himself. We commemorated him with the Chillin’ Frog Garden Statue.

Sometimes  you gotta relax and breath. That’s where our friend Zenni comes in handy he just sits around and zones all day. He’s also knows as the Totally Zen Frog and there is a Garden Statue of him.

The Thinking Man’s Frog Garden Statue is a cute one, based on Rodin’s The Thinker.



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