Six Things You Should Do to Decorate Your Garden

The Winter Solstice has just arrived but soon enough spring will be here and you will be wanting to spend more time out doors. This is the perfect time to start considering what is important to you and your garden and your outdoor lifestyle. Plants, furniture, decorations, statues, bird feeders, baths, all things that need to go into the mix to create a great place to relax and enjoy.

Bird Baths
Bird baths are an amazing way to watch birds in their natural habitat. Emily Dickinson discusses the In The Garden that they can change their behavior when introduced to strangers, so a bird bath is a great way to get birds to act naturally around you.

And then he drank a dew
From a convenient grass,
And then hopped sidewise to the wall
To let a beetle pass.
Stand Alone Fountain

A fountain can add wonders to a garden. It brings a sense of zen with flowing water, and not only that but it brings a sense of life to it. Ponce de Leon knew this as he tried to find the Fountain of Youth. Perhaps it was more of an allegorical quest like the grail to the Knights of Avalon, but whatever it was in reality deeper strengths ring true. The symbolism of the garden fountain can be explored at length. The Cherub Water Fountain is an amazing example of this, bring Angels to life. The Contemporary Style brings a nouveau look to the garden, where as the Palazo Obelisk fountain is a fine example of taking an amazing design from the ancient world and bringing it to you.

Outdoor Furniture
One of the things that is overlooked in gardens but is essential is outdoor furniture. While enjoying your garden you aren’t going to want to lounge around on a shrub, you are going to want to lounge around in something nice. There are multiple solutions but I have narrowed it down to a couple of great choices.

Cantina offers great solutions with the Cantina 6 piece Love Seat Deep Seating Set. This is an amazing set of furniture that you can enjoy while you are lounging around your garden.

Another great solution for outdoor seating is Fermob Bistro Chairs. Easy to move around so you can enjoy various areas of your yard or garden, these will remind people of the Parisian scene. Practical and simple with an amazing design these are going to be a big hit for you and your family.

All Weather Television
These All Weather Televisions are total game changers. Seriously, you can sit outside while watching The Saints! Have a cookout!

Garden Statue
I’ve said it before and I’ll be saying it forever, perhaps the easiest way to bring life to your garden when you have all the plants you want but need something more is a garden statue. There are so many kinds to choose from, be it animal garden statuesreligious statues, or even  mythical ones. For example, Garden Gnomes are a great way to bring magic and mystery to your space. Buddha statues are great to remind you of the need for a zen like perspective on life, and a St. Francis statue is a wonderful reminder of this Catholic saint and his great works.


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